Use for cooking, dipping, and marinating meats, fish, chicken, and vegetables for an unbeatable meal!

Customer Reviews

Should be in every pantry

These are outstanding Asian-influenced sauces from Hawaii. We used the Butteryaki sauce with grilled pork, and it was delicious. These sauces are light but very flavorful. They are excellent as dipping sauces or for cooking, grilling or marinating. They are great on proteins (chicken, pork, ahi, beef, etc.), but also would be a perfect flavor-enhancer for a quick veggie stir-fry. These sauces are winners!


Five Stars

These sauces are very versatile & so delicious. We've tried them on chicken, seafood, & veggies. A must try!


I could probably eat alone with rice and be happy

I got these sauces as a gift and was hesitant at first. I tend to make my own sauces from scratch. I grilled chicken and pork tonight and poured the butteryaki sauce in small Japan dipping bowls. It was so tasty and delicious that I ended up pouring all the sauce smothering my meat and the rice too. I could probably eat alone with rice and be happy!


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