Fundraising with Kabuki Signature Sauces (Sell for $10, you keep $5!)

Sell a 2-bottle sampler pack for $10, and you keep $5!

Raise money quickly ... contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply?

Any legitimate non-profit club or organization can apply for consideration. This includes school groups or clubs, athletic organizations, etc.

How Much Money Can We Raise?

Your organization will make $5.00 for 2-bottle sampler pack sold. The sales price for each sampler pack is $10.00. You are responsible for paying taxes on your portion ($5.00) and we will be responsible for paying taxes on our portion ($5.00).

How Do We Apply?

Complete the online form at, or email with the following details: Team Coordinator’s Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Organization/Team Name, Fundraising Cause (i.e. uniforms, travel).

Do we need to make a Deposit to Start?

No deposit is required.

How Long Can We Sell the Product?

The normal sale period is approximately 30 days, however, we will work with you to establish the appropriate amount of time.

Is there a Sales Minimum Required?

This is a no-risk program, and we are here to help. You will not be penalized for a lack of sales. That being said, we will do our best to help you earn funds for your cause, and are looking for to help those that will put effort, as well.

What Happens When the Sale Period Is Over?

Your Team Coordinator will tally up all Kabuki sales sheets (provided to you upon sign-up/approval) and collect all funds. He/she will then contact us at with the sales total, and we will exchange the purchased sauces and funds.

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Tonight's service was the worst I had ever experienced anywhere. Must have been new wait staff and possibly short handed. We hardly saw the waiter/waitress, but the table next to us (which came in after us) had gotten a lot of attention. We did get a lot of "sorry". Table settings were rare, food came out fairly quick, table got full fast, dishes not getting cleared, they checked on us 1x while we ate. Had to flag them down to take our left over Chicken Tofu home, brought the wrong type of container, got it right the second time. They never asked if we needed anything else or if we wanted our check, but after the next table got asked twice, we decided we were not going to be acknowledge and paid our bill and left. First time ever, we did not leave a tip.

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Thank you for voting us 2nd place in Hawaii's Best Okazuya!

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